Bridging the gap and providing resources for both employers, Indigenous artists, storytellers, filmmakers, and performers.

(Photo of a mural of a Native youth in an Oakland A’s (baseball) hat with two braids down the front. To the left of this is a tipi and protest style signs that read “Defund OPD”, “Free Palestine”, “BLM”,
“StopAsianHate”, “Abolish ICE”. Below this in larger text reads “Reclaiming sacred land”. Photo credit Jen Deerinwater.


Crushing Colonialism’s #HireIndigenous campaign is designed to work with employers to help meet Indigenous creatives where they are at. Too often a potential employer’s outreach does not extend beyond the traditional hiring pool. It is Crushing Colonialism’s goal to bridge that gap and provide resources for both employers and Indigenous artists, storytellers, filmmakers, and performers.

Visit our social media channels for posts and resources on paid internships, open job positions, and call for proposals or presentations.

Coming soon are a jobs board, training videos, and webinar resources.

Crushing Colonialism tells the stories of Indigenous people to create a world that values and honors Indigeneity.

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