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(A photo of three Native youth holding a large orange flag that has a feather and reads “Every child matters.” In the background is the U.S. Supreme Court. Photo credit Jen Deerinwater.)


Crushing Colonialism’s The Magazine takes an Indigenous lens to worldly issues like disability justice, women’s rights, Afro-indigeneity, and 2SLGBTQIA+. Read our frontline stories written by Indigenous journalists and authors. Connect with Indigenous communities and people through their own experiences. If you’re moved, share with your networks. Be sure to let us know your thoughts about this edition too. Go to the Contact Us webpage and leave us a comment or story idea!


Are you an Indigenous writer, photographer, filmmaker, creative, or storyteller? Are you an Indigenous community member with a story you’d like us to cover? Pitch us your story for the Spring edition! The theme is Colonialism Caused the Climate Crisis. Deadline to pitch us is January 31, 2024.  

Email us at with the following information: 

Your tribal affiliation, homelands, and current location.

Any relevant photos, links to written work, or videos. 

 If you’re including photos for publication, please also include an image description of the photo so that those who are blind are better able to understand the photo and its importance. Also send the location, date, event or other important information to provide context, first and last names of anyone photographed and photographer’s name,

Be sure to tell us the importance of your story and all of the details. 


  • Who is the story or art about?


  • Who is affected? Tell us who is involved.
    What is the story or art?


  • What has happened?


  • What are the consequences?
    When did the story happen or the art was created (time of day, day, month, year)?


  • When was the last update? When will the effects be felt? When will you have more information?


  • Where is this story based? Include the Indigenous land names.
    Why is this story or art important?


  • Why did this event take place?


  • Why is this important in the big picture?

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Your interest in our work is the motivation that drives us! Thank you. Please take a moment to share your information and sign up for access to the digital magazine, subscribe to the print edition, or if you’re Indigenous-led organization, individual, or tribal nation lacking reliable digital resources then subscribe for free. 

(Photo of two Indigenous people standing in front of the U.S. Supreme Court. One has their fist in the air while the other is holding a sign that reads “Stop stealing Native Kids. Protect ICWA.”)

(Photo of several red dresses hanging on a longhouse frame. They’re blowing in the wind. Photo credit Jen Deerinwater.)

(Photo of numerous rain covered umbrellas, focusing on one red umbrella that has “Water is Life” painted on it in black. Photo credit Jen Deerinwater.)

Crushing Colonialism tells the stories of Indigenous people to create a world that values and honors Indigeneity.

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