Bridging the gap and providing resources for both employers, Indigenous artists, storytellers, filmmakers, and performers.

A young Indigenous woman wearing a red coat and a red skirt adorned with black, yellow, and white ribbons at the bottom holds up her phone in a recording position, while standing next to a young Indigenous man wearing a red jacket, red hat, and jeans. Two other Indigenous women dressed in ribbon skirts are also taking photos of a rally on the steps of the Supreme Court in “Washington, D.C., U.S.” Photo credit Jen Deerinwater.


Our #HireIndigenous web page is visited by Indigenous writers, photographers, filmmakers, creatives, journalists, and storytellers from across lands, tribal nations, and identities who are searching for paid professional opportunities and funding. Please use the form to submit a paid opportunity.

Crushing Colonialism tells the stories of Indigenous people to create a world that values and honors Indigeneity.

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