Crushing Colonialism

Tells the stories of Indigenous people to create a world that values and honors Indigeneity.


Crushing Colonialism was founded and operated by Indigenous people working in a variety of storytelling fields across the world. We work to increase the pay and employment of Indigenous storytellers while also promoting their work, providing funding for media and arts projects, and increasing access to professional representation. 


Crushing Colonialism’s mission is to connect with and uplift Indigenous creatives, influencers, and community leaders on a community level about community issues like disability justice, women’s rights, 2LGBTQIA+ equity, employment and wage equality, and key issues that directly affect our marginalized Indigenous communities. Indigenous peoples and nations are rooted in community and sharing, as well as storytelling. The idea of individualism and possessions are a colonial construct. Crushing Colonialism’s work is driven by the work done within communities and it supports those who bring awareness and make positive impacts. In doing this we control our narratives in order to crush colonialism.



Crushing Colonialism’s The Magazine takes an Indigenous lens to worldly issues like disability justice, women’s rights, Afro-indigeneity, and 2SLGBTQIA+.

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Decolonize Beatz

Decolonized Beatz Indigenous World Pride 2025 is a two-week, queer Indigenous-led event taking place in Washington, DC that celebrates the work of 2LGBTQIA+ Native and Indigenous storytellers, artists, and performers including Indigenous women, AfroIndigenous, and disabled Indigenous people. 

Decolonized Beatz – Indigenous World Pride
May 23-June 8, 2025
Washington, DC

#HireIndigenous - Tell Your Cousins!

Officially launching in 2024, #HireIndigenous is Crushing Colonialism’s campaign that works with employers to meet Indigenous creatives where they are at. Too often a potential employer’s outreach does not extend beyond the traditional hiring pool. It is Crushing Colonialism’s goal to bridge that gap and provide resources for both employers and Indigenous artists, storytellers, filmmakers, and performers. Visit our social media channels for posts and resources on paid internships, open job positions, and call for proposals or presentations.

Coming soon is a jobs board, training videos, and webinar resources.

Go to the Contact Us page to share a paid job, internship, fellowship, or grant opportunity with us.


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Crushing Colonialism tells the stories of Indigenous people to create a world that values and honors Indigeneity.

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